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About us

Gondola moving system FOURMI®: ingenious retail solution by IMGR.

FOURMI® is a patented innovative gondola moving system manufactured by IMGR, the leader in France for the installation of retail furniture in supermarkets (gondola shelving, refrigeration cabinets, checkout counters, displays, etc.). For more information about IMGR shopfitters, please visit

IMGR Group has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany to distribute worldwide ingenious, effective and clever solutions like our gondola moving system FOURMI®. Our aim is not only to provide a fast, efficient and friendly service but also to help our clients get the most of our innovative products. We also pride ourselves on providing an excellent after sales service to all our clients.

Our best selling product is FOURMI®: worldwide No.1 gondola moving system

Many years of studying and testing were needed to find not only the most effective and easiest way to move gondola shelving but also a system that can be used by everybody, everyday.  

We actually spent over 3 years researching the best gondola moving system concept: spherical bearing for ease of manoeuvrability, only 3 of them for jam freeing, best shape for stability, best material for indestructibility and clever for ease of use by anyone.

We launched this precision moving technology over 13 years ago. Since then, we have continually improved FOURMI® and its accessories to make it the peak of perfection and to bring you not only the best gondola moving system but also the worldwide leader.

We will offer a new innovative product very soon, the Bluespider: revolutionary automatic displays.

Our gondola moving system FOURMI® is also called gondola wheels, kit lifter, gondola castors, gondola skate, gondola moving equipment, gondola display wheels.